Interface and Emulation

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Equipment Interface and Emulation



GUI Interface

When an operator drills down to view and control a given piece of gear that can not be seen physically, what should they see? What do you want them to see?

Visually UPMACS can build a precise representation of any piece of equipment, right down to the colors, buttons, dials, knobs and LEDs. Functionally the only limitation is the equipment manufacturer’s command and status protocol. In fact UPMACS’ SCL programming language can enable additional layers of sophisticated functionality by combining equipment controls, input and output, from a single, many or different pieces of equipment.


When would you need a piece of software that emulates a “live” piece of gear visually and functionally?

Sales and Training Tool

Having an UPMACS equipment emulator will enable your sales force to familiarize themselves and potentially train themselves on the functions and features your gear without having the actual hardware present.

Carrying gear to sales meetings is not always practical, having an UPMACS equipment emulator loaded on a notebook will allow you to demonstrate your equipments features & functions without the actual gear present.

M&C System Integration and Testing

How often do equipment manufacturers ship gear to the M&C suppliers for driver development?

This takes time, money and effects inventory. If you had an UPMACS emulator, the M&C supplier (UPMACS or anyone else!) would be able to simulate command response scenarios and complete the driver development without your hardware present.

Manufacturers Protocol Design & Testing

Developing new hardware products is usually done around very tight schedules. Once your protocol spec is completed an equipment emulator can be designed and ready for testing before the actual hardware prototype is off the line.