Turnkey Systems

UPMACSĀ Professional Software Services

Turnkey M&C Design and Integration


UPMACS maintains a solid reputation by consistently going the extra mile to satisfy customer’s specific needs. From initial contact, through on-site integration & testing, to post-sales support. Customers learn that UPMACS’ commitment to quality & service is second to none.


UPMACS has over 30 years of experience building M&C systems for the communications industry. In-house operator experience enables a faster and clearer understanding of customer needs.

Rapid System Design & Development

Turning an efficient M&C system around quickly requires that clear understanding of customer needs, the right information and the right tools. While experience plays a leading role so do the tools. UPMACS uses the open-ended UPMACS Development System to design all turn key systems. This facilitates building drivers, assigning ports, enabling registers, building screens and SCL programs. UPMACS uses a single database or UPMACS-station-file which allows for quick system alterations with out any compiling or re-compiling.

Onsite Integration & Training

UPMACS system engineers travel to onsite locations to complete system integration and testing processes. Upon completion of system integration and testing UPMACS engineers provide the necessary training to your team of operators.

Documentation Warranty & Support

Most mid to large sized UPMACS systems require a custom operators manual which is delivered based on system spec at the completion of each project. UPMACS maintains a comprehensive annual warranty & support program for all software products and turnkey systems. Custom and extended support packages are also available.

Fixed Costs

From a spending perspective, development and support of M&C software projects can be very intimidating. Where ever possible UPMACS will apply fixed costing at the beginning of your project. Sensible pricing, fixed costs and shorter development cycles combine to provide UPMACS customers with the product they need well within budget.