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Scalable Network Monitor, Alarm & Control Software


the complete solution for standalone and network monitor, alarm, and control systems. It acquires information from equipment then displays and processes it visually. It can interface with virtually any equipment using Serial, Ethernet, GPIB, TCP/IP, SNMP and Data Sockets. It makes alarm and status information available to operators in an intuitive, user-friendly fashion. Control tasks are executed with the click of a button. UPMACS can also do automatic controlling, like redundant backup switching, or complicated and lengthy power leveling. UPMACS can automate virtually any task, and display almost any kind of information as concisely or with as much detail as desired.

UPMACS will save you money
with its groundbreaking versatility
and short development time?


Traditional monitor, alarm, and control software solutions rely on hard-coded functionality. One program can only monitor and control one station, and any change in equipment or functionality means a return to the drawing board. UPMACS, however, reads information about the configuration and functionality of a station to be monitored from a proprietary database file, known as an UPMACS Station File. This file contains information about the visual display of data, about interface protocols required to communicate with the equipment, about port configurations, polling sequences, and about every other aspect of the functionality of the system.

It even contains control and data evaluation programs, written in UPMACS’s own, programming language, SCL. In other words, UPMACS can monitor and control almost every thinkable arrangement of equipment with the appropriate station file.

UPMACS Remote Network Client enables remote monitor and control over any TCP/IP based network. Any UPMACS system can connect to any number of other UPMACS stations on the network.

UPMACS Remote Network Client

Access & control stations from anywhere!



  • Runs in Windows 10\11, Server 2019 and VMWare systems
  • Multi level sign-on provides security for local or remote execution of controls and other tasks
  • Audible alarm, alarm latching and acknowledging
  • Event logging and event log browser with customizable filtering
  • Full port diagnostics tool and built-in serial communications terminal
  • Built-in TCP/IP networking for remote monitor & control of all stations connected to a LAN, a WAN or the Internet
  • Connect to any equipment via Serial, Ethernet, GPIB, TCP/IP, SNMP and Data Sockets
  • Dozens of drivers already available
  • Multithreaded design provides a smooth multitasked environment for operators
  • uses familiar Windows interface components, like dock-able toolbar and dock-able event log
  • supports Regional Settings and other Control Panels
  • Remote Network Client Supports all monitor and control features found in UPMACS Operate

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